Star Studded

As my MARtians and regular readers know, last night I held my brokers open house for the stunning home named Sunset Haven. It was a great evening, as 103 influential movers and shakers came out to witness the breathtaking vistas that only Sunset Haven could offer. The timing of the open house was 4-6pm, designed around the gorgeous sunset views. Yesterday Mother Nature cooperated, providing clear blue skies all day and then a fiery sundown display for all to see – which slowly transitioned into a star-filled canopy.

Although the house is known for its incredible views of the surrounding landscape, last night some of the best views might have been had by looking into the home at the assembled crowd.

The most influential and key names in the real estate business were there. I felt so welcomed into their midst, and so appreciate their dedication and support. It meant a great deal both personally and professionally to have so many people drop by – including many luminaries who I finally met in person.

Naturally, the home took center stage – with it’s beautifully appointed rooms, hand-painted walls, and welcoming atmosphere it truly captivated the crowd. But two stars shone even brighter in my eyes: my special guest, Dick Button, and my assistant, Kelly Pierce.

Dick, the figure skating legend (2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, 5-time World Champion) and commentator for ESPN and ABC Sports, was on hand to meet and greet folks, who each received a copy of his terrific book Push Dick’s Button. People loved getting a chance to chat with him – and I don’t think he got more than a 10-second chance to pause and sip his coffee! It’s that professionalism and dedication to his fans that show his athletic training and finesse. He really added extra sparkle to the evening.

Kelly, who has been assisting me for four months now, was recently promoted to Personal Assistant/Associate Producer. An extremely talented writer and coordinator who takes great initiative, she has been on hand helping me organize the entire event, and was invaluable last night. I’m continuing filming my Home Makeover Show as well (a teaser trailer will be up soon), and busy prepping my Monday’s With Marsegments on NBC CT, so it was an all-hands-on-deck week to make sure I had plenty of time to devote to this event. I am fortunate to have such a wonderful team, who all work hard, but she deserves special accolades for this.

From the star-studded night sky to the star-studded guest list to my star players – well, how can I resist calling the evening anything but MARvellous?

(For more photos, watch my Facebook page next week.)