Springtime with Mar

As I layed in bed this Monday morning, checklist in my head, I look out the window and its raining…again.  I quickly shake away the dreariness and a positive childhood proverb pops into my head.  “April showers brings May flowers.”  What does that mean to us?

I spent this previous weekend transplanting some MARvelous daffodil bulbs gifted to me from a dear friend.  “April showers brings May flowers.” I repeated this again.  This proverb is a reminder that even in the most unpleasant of times something enjoyable is around the corner.  It teaches us patience.  It teaches us that all things need essentials to blossom into something beautiful.  The flowers need Aprils rain and Mays sunshine to produce a beautifully developed garden in June.  Truth be told, I’m excited for June!  In our case, the isolation and social distancing of April & May will bring June celebrations!

My real estate company is considered an essential business, so like the few, I am out cueing up spring, just like Mother Nature, getting everyone settled in new homes for June.  I am grateful for my connections in the community and with distributors working virtually, it has still provided me with a nonstop positive results for my clients.  Virtual showings have become my norm and online shopping is my new best friend.  In this case, “April showings brings May success.”

As spring emerges, globally we will be celebrating Earth Day on the 22nd, (which also happens to be my Birthday, no coincidence there) Mother Nature is receiving a much needed rest from our carbon footprint-this is the best gift we can give her.  As a reward, she will be gifting us with the most beautiful June gardens.

I decided that I am changing that age old proverb,  “April showers brings May flowers and blossoms into June wonders”.   Something beautiful needs time to grow.   That said, just like our flower beds and gardens, we will be emerging beautifully in June with celebrations within our tight knit communities.  I look forward to seeing everyone, sharing a glass of rose’ in our gardens, and basking in the pure sunlight.  Life is good and nothing will keep us together more than the beauty and the love for life, people and planet earth.

Lets do a virtual cheers on Wednesday in honor of Earth Day & MAR Day!