Spring’s Awakening!

Many people celebrate the first days of Spring, but I like to celebrate the first days of sprinkler! Most gardeners will agree, the time-consuming task of watering is both a chore and a pleasure. Many people use the traditional method of standing in the garden with a hose, enjoying the time spent while witnessing Mother Nature’s splendor unfold day after day. However, there are some – myself included – who worship the sounds of sprinkler heads popping up throughout the gardens and lawns, relieving us of this task.

So when the team from Dobson Irrigation shows up to open the system for the season I’m happy – really happy – as this is one job I’m delighted to leave to the professionals.

My irrigation system gives me the time and energy to concentrate on other duties, like planting, mulching, transplanting, and pruning – while enjoying my garden instead of constantly watering it.

Truth be told, installing an irrigation system can be a splurge. However, I believe if one is to invest in the garden, one should also consider investing in a proper system. My friends at Dobson made it easy for me to start and keep it easy each season; over the years I have turned several friends, family, and neighbors on to this professional company for these very reasons. Plus, you get convenience, increased property value, and a guaranteed lush lawn.

I always suggest: before investing, do your homework. Price usually depends on the square footage and number of heads, so ask questions. See how the number of heads can be kept to a minimum, and investigate the ability to grow your system over the years. I began with the rock bottom basic system and as my garden grew, so did my system. Dobson was there providing me with a clear action plan and worked with my budget.

Rosebrook Gardens is filled with ideas and inspiration, and my paternal grandmother showed me the way. I still do most things the way she taught me; the only difference now is that instead of carrying a watering can I carry a cocktail. She’d have loved it.