Springing-up Everywhere.  

TGIF my MARtians!   Spring is in the air and Rosebrook Gardens is bursting with delight as blooms begin to take shape among the lush green boxwoods.  This is truly the most magical time of year.   This year brings change and devastation as piles of rubble and carpentry materials surround the property.

Truth be told, both the masonry master George as well as my carpenter Dennis have been fantastic in coordinating and dancing account each other through the process. Fireplace and cap are done, stone foundation finished, electrical box has a rebuilt cover, and new fencing and landscaping are still on the punch list.

You would think with all the activity and craziness over the last two months the garden would be lacking its charm, however it’s just the opposite as Mother Nature carries on with presenting abundant, endless beauty and blooms to view and enjoy.

With no garden or house tours scheduled for this year I relax a bit, knowing that I have time to finish my punch list. But I remain motivated by the list of never-ending tasks. I toured the garden today with delight capturing this moment in time, enjoying everything from the pergola’s wisteria blooms to the lilly of the valley ground cover. Beauty is everywhere in spite of the debris, wood stacks and equipment.

So here is your Spring 2019 “Through the Eyes of Mar” garden tour for your review and enjoyment.  You’ll notice I strategically took the photos with attention to the views: you won’t find any signs of the renovations and or work be done.

Enjoy! And if you love something you see, please share the beauty with others.