Spring into Springtime

Today’s such a beautiful day, as I watch breeze blow through the crabapple blooms, catapulting the pedals into flight. Today, rather than waste a perfectly beautiful day in the office tending to my company, I took a few minutes to capture the spectacular display of buds just waiting to pop. That said, I’m a bit concerned about how early the garden has emerged as everything seems to be blooming or awaiting blooming, early this year. With temperatures reaching 80-degrees in MARch and April, the hot flash has accelerated the blooming process. Truth be told, with my garden tour scheduled for June 6th I hope my peony bed is not spent by then as the peonies are bursting with energy – and I hope they can manage to wait patiently.

Spring- the season of rebirth, renewal, and regrowth; all things we associate with the ground under our feet. Yet the specific definition of “springtime” as a season is based on astronomy and meteorology (maybe that explains why I am “over the moon” about gardening?) Regardless of the origin of the time of year, the change of seasons will always represent one thing: More daylight! Thus making it the perfect time to take a walk in the garden to share the beauty that awaits us.

Each year, I’m always asked: “What can I do to make my garden look better?” The answer is always the same:

1) A good spring clean-up will always go a long way. Get started yourself by pruning and following my four “D” rules,

2) In addition, mulch your garden beds!

3) And lastly, add color and texture to different size containers filled with the unexpected annual rather than perennials.

Do these simple changes and you’re well on your way to making a big impact. Always remember to remove toys from the front lawn, get rid of tree branches that have fallen, and always, always, always create curb appeal by adding an inviting touch to your front door. This inspiration can come from something as simple as a pair of stone sculptures, a boxwood planter or rustic urns topped off with moss sheets. Add a fresh new door matt and the result will always be a refreshing, clean, welcoming door that shows that you’re on the ball.

So since Spring is making its presence known you might be wondering just what Rosebrook Gardens looks like today? Well here are just a few of the amazing photos I’ve taken today. The rest are available on my camera, awaiting your visit.


Enjoy the photo tour but don’t miss the real thing if you are anywhere near Westport, CT on June 6th. All welcome!