Spellbound by a Dog

There is nothing like a hometown crowd and I was fortunate to have two such occasions this week. Early in the week, I spoke at a local Rotary Club luncheon about starting my own business and getting paid while finding your passion. This was my experience as I started my business while I was a banking executive and passionate gardener.

The second crowd came to me as I hosted a local Garden Club tour of Rosebrook Gardens. Over seventy people attended and I shook every hand as they entered the garden through the pergola. I felt as if I were at my own wedding. Ha Ha !! It was a perfect evening weather wise and I was so proud to share my garden. Violet was on hand of course to make an entrance and supervise my speech.

She and I stood on the back porch as I engaged everyone in the history of Rosebrook Gardens. Of course, Violet interjected several times to remind me to tell everyone what kind of dog she is, how old she is and that she is a good girl. When I leaned over to tell her just that, she gave me a huge kiss and the crowd roared. That’s my girl. She always plays to the crowd.

Speaking of Miss Violet Von Schhnorkenheimer, she is almost eight months old and continues to cast a spell on everyone she meets. They simply fall in love with her. Mamma Geri picked her up the other night and took her to dinner at a friend’s house. That friend can now not stop talking about Violet. And when I arrived home that evening, Miss Violet was just exiting the white convertible sports car that was her chariot for the evening. She just loves the wind blowing in her hair.

And speaking of being spellbound, I was last weekend at the outdoor sidewalk sales in Westport. As I strolled Main St., people I had never met came out to greet Violet and say hello. She apparently has made the rounds on Main Street with one her two Mammas and is quite the socialite. Good thing she doesn’t have a credit card.