Sockless in New York!

I love New York! And despite living so close to the city, I always look for opportunities to extend my stay whenever possible. Truth be told, some of the best things about my career in television are the people and the places I get to travel to and experience around the world, but when I get an assignment right here in the New York area I’m always delighted to make it an event. A weekend event, that is.

My assignment reporting Friday morning on the new Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda, the Honorable Gaston Browne, was most certainly a highlight in my career. (He was in town to address the sixty-ninth session of the UN General Assembly.) Although I have interviewed many celebrities during my time in television, sitting down with the Prime Minister blew my socks off. Well, figuratively, that is – but there’s more: You see, I prefer to go sock-less during warmer weather and as long into the cooler months as possible, even with a suit. Since most of my interviews are done standing up – and no one sees my feet on TV – no problem, right? Wrong.

Imagine this: I’m expecting to interview the P.M. and then I’m told it’s a sit-down interview. A lovely 78 F day in NY, so I did not even think twice about it – until that moment when I crossed my legs and noticed my bone-white ankles peeking out for some air. I quickly readjusted and went right on going, but you can clearly see on the video footage, I’m bare-ankled. Mother, you were right: always wear clean underwear and socks because you never know who you’re going meet.

When it was all said and done it certainly wasn’t a social or political faux-pas, but I never want to distract from the interview subject. However, I don’t think anyone cared; I even had other members of the press comment on my interviewing skills and professional questions to the P.M.

So I had a “bare in New York” moment, in a way, and afterward stayed the weekend to enjoy the wonderful weather and amenities that only New York can offer. Dinner at my favorite restaurant, Rosa Mexicano, enjoying the sights from a rooftop deck, shopping at Lord & Taylor (for what else: socks!), visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and going for a run in the city for the first time since I began running, doing several laps around the Bryant Park area. The latter made me feel like a real New Yorker.

In the end, my MARtians, I make a special note to myself: if you’re going somewhere you’ll be wearing a suit (unless to the beach), pack some damned socks. So please sock-it to me should I ever forget.

To watch the report and interview, click here.