So “Shoe” Me!

I believe in working hard and stepping up to every opportunity life has to offer, ready for the challenge and of course dressed for the part and in MARvelous shoes.

Ever since I could remember I’ve had an appreciation for beautiful, well made shoes. It’s not about spending tons of money on a designer shoe – although I’ve done that, too – but rather it’s hunting and finding well-priced deals that I enjoy the most. Feeding my shoe obsession through sales helps me justify my commitment to collect them. And when I can find a deal, well I’m in heaven and I tell everyone.

Last weekend I was entertaining some buddies here in Connecticut, and while reading the New York Times I came across an ad for shoes at Bloomingdales. So, the next day we were off to my closest Bloomingdales in Westchester Mall, New York, in search of the deals.

Bloomingdales was a bust – they didn’t have the colors advertised – but while I was there I found a pair of Cole Haan Nike Air technology saddle shoes at 40% off. For $80 they were mine. Happy with my purchase, I recharged at the Cheese Cake Factory with a light lunch then headed to Nordstrom. I hit the mother lode when I discovered their latest collection from their store brand 1901. These shoes are made in Brazil and were only $99. With extra sets of colored laces included in the box as the latest trend is to switch out the laces with fun bright colors. I was in heaven! Of course, I purchased three. My grand total of new shoes for the day was four, thus meeting my limit for one day, don’t you think? The perfect gift this season is a pair of 1901’s. Okay, maybe two pairs! Whether you get the suede styles or not, waterproof them when you get home for years of enjoyment and then just wait for the compliments to come strolling in.

So, shoe me yours, and I’ll shoe you mine.