Snow’s Coming Down? Tree, Too!

Sorry I’m late with my blog this week, as I found myself with a sinus infection. Although I pride myself on being rather healthy, once I do get sick, I get hit hard, and I only find comfort in bed. That said, I’m feeling much better today, and with the recent snowfall, I find myself with an open weekend. Oh, what to do?

Truth be told, this makes for the perfect time to remove the Christmas tree and décor and welcome in Old Man Winter with a roaring fire, relaxing non-Christmas music, and a cup of great coffee. Time to clean house! As much as I love to decorate my home, Rosebrook Gardens, I so enjoy the clean-up when the holiday music stops and all can return to normal. (Even if only for a while.)

This year I’ve picked up some large plastic bins to make the clean up even easier, and, because they’re clear, I think I’ll also minimize frustration associated with not knowing what’s on hand next Christmas. I’ve also turned my attention to the Garden Studio, giving it a complete clean, top to bottom. Now it’s ready to serve as my retreat – and as a laboratory for forcing bulbs that will soon fill my home with the fragrant essence of an early spring: grape hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils.

So let it snow, I’ll have a weekend to get organized, and then relax by cuddling with a schnauzer. (Who’s extra cuddly because she is in need of a haircut; so much so she looks like she is channeling a Maltese.) And I can now turn my attention to getting ready to celebrate the new year – so before I forget, let me wish each and every one of you a wonderful New Year! Here’s looking forward to 2013!

After getting so much accomplished, well, I won’t be coming down from that for a while!