Snowbrook Gardens

My MARtians, you all know I simply refer to my home as Rosebrook Gardens, but this morning I’m calling it “Snowbrook Gardens” to reference the splendor of the fluffy white stuff that covered the gardens overnight.

That said, I put on my boots and took a stroll to embrace the fresh air and photo-capture some moments. I pondered the sight and, although multiple inches fell from the night sky (and a shoveling job lay ahead), it was beautiful to awake to this snowy carpet. Violet could not care less about joining me on this tour (her electric-warmed doggie bed was more inviting), but as a connoisseur of Mother Earth, I was content to be on my own.

As I appreciated the winter garden, one photo took me to a wonderful place, thus inspiring this blog. Truth be told, for me, winter has always been synonymous with figure skating – my former sport of choice – because that’s when a plethora of outdoor rinks are operating. My home has now become my sport, as it were, but my walk reminded me that there are references to my former skating career in both my home and garden design.

This circular window was once in the house, (located in my laundry room) and recently was relocated to my Folly in the garden as a decorative addition. I have always connected to its star shape as a subliminal reference to my gold medals from regionals and sectionals. How wonderful to have those items in our home or garden that resonate with our being and remind us of wonderful times and places in our lives. For me, it’s my love for a sport that is forever a part of who I am today. Those gold medals represented dedication, passion, drive, and goals – things that kept me on track to be the best I could be.

These memories resonated a time and place that has gone by, but when I flash-forward to today I realize that those childhood disciplines are still within my heart.

So although when you look at this photo you may simply see a window with a wonderful design, I’m fortunate to see a journey to this wonderful place I call home.