Share the Sizzle

Happy Friday!

It has been a busy and productive week here at MARtian HQ. This weekend is also going to be a busy one. I’ve left very little time for play with all the work I have to accomplish. Whew!

Lots more going on from my aMARzing upcoming lecture, November 5th, on creating a Casual Luxury Holiday (If you haven’t already registered, hurry!Click here and I hope to see you there!) Then there is my real estate work and home renovations; and let’s not forget “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show” season two. Wow. We are in full swing!

MARtians, if there’s one special thought I’d like to leave you with this weekend it is: “It doesn’t have to be summer to sizzle.” There are lots of ways to stay warm as the weather starts to get nippy. Fireside cocktails, bundled up and dining outdoors with the one you love, outdoor movie night with campfire s’mores…but wait.. there’s even more.

I am talking about my latest video – a sizzling sizzle reel of many of my achievements and career highlights. I bet there are a few things even the most loyal of MARtians might not know about. Check it out. View, enjoy and SHARE!!! #MarsSizzles #MARTV #LifeonMars #Sizzlewithme #MARtiansSizzle#Elliman

Enjoy your weekend and …

Keep it Casual!

For my November 5th Casual Luxury Holiday Lecture, RSVP to the lovely [email protected]

Reserve your spot as space is limited!

Tickets are $10 dollars each. Pay with a check at the door or click here and pay through my PayPal link.

When: 2:00 pm, November 5, 2016

Where: 75 Church Lane, Westport, CT