Shady Times

Well, MARtians, you know when it comes to window treatments I always dare to go bare–meaning I elect not to install any dressing to my windows. Although I’m still a firm believer that there is no better way than openness to invite Mother Nature inside, the time has come for a change.

Today my home, Rosebrook Gardens, was the recipient of new decorative shades on the first-floor living spaces. This is new for me, as it’s been 21 years of openness and light-filled rooms. Truth be told, I now have the best of both worlds as the new shades are more about adding the “extra something” to my window decor.

Let me explain. These new linen shades only offer decorative decor benefits rather than traditional shades that completely block the outdoor views. This is an intentional design to offer visual interest rather than privacy. No strings to pull on, no fussing, no effort to match heights when up, no pulling up or down. Completely stationed in place.

Truth be told, because they are made of linen the sunshine still comes thru from behind, so my rooms still feel as filled with light.

Thank you Peter & Andy from Artistic Upholstery, located in Norwalk, for the professional installation and creation. I love my new shades and I’m sure they will provide me with many, many years of enjoyment.  My “Casual Luxury” just got a bit shady in the best way possible.