Scruff & Tuff

The summer is officially over and my month-long vacation in Southampton has come to an end. Back home, the transformations continue as I reveal my new interior designs concepts, all inspired by my casual luxury brand. That inspiration was further heightened by my vacation, and so my home’s new colors and décor are a cool, fresh, modern design that, of course, is inspired by none other than Mother Earth. I can’t wait to show you all. Stay tuned.

Being officially on “vacation” last month I enjoyed a break from the manly chore of shaving. After several weeks the almost-beard has ensured that not only my home has had a “transformation.”Yet those days when I needed to work my producers liked the new scruff and encouraged me to keep it while on assignment. “You look like Nate Berkus, Mar; all you need is an Oprah!” “Oprah Winfrey where are you!?” I replied.

Later that day, after filming was done, I went to town. While shopping in the village of Southampton (after Violet and I had been in and out of almost every store on the strip) I entered a fabulous men’s shop. Violet and I noticed some wonderful shirts, pants, and ties, so I made a bee-line for them and was excited to help do my part and boost the economy. That said, a salesperson approached – I thought to offer assistance – only to say instead “Can you pick up your dog.” Not even a “please.” I was surprised! And with the store empty, I quickly replied, “I can do better than that; I’ll just leave.”

While making my way to the door, I remembered that infamous scene from Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts returned to a dress shop with tons of shopping bags and said to that shop girl: “You work on commission right? Big mistake. Huge. I have to go shopping now.” So channeling my inner Vivian Ward, I said “Big Mistake. Huge. I need to go find a store that wants my business.”

In the end, for I guess my scruff has somehow made me tuff and less tolerant of anyone who, these days, can’t be nice, flexible and/or accommodating. Truth be told, it wasn’t so much what he said rather how he said it. The summer may be over and so, I guess, so was his summer hospitality. Was I wrong to expect more or did he need a manners transformation?