Reporter Mar

Mar Jennings reading Stalker's Prey

My MARtians, I’m so excited to tell you about my exciting movie role: Reporter 1 from CB3 Local News.  This Monday I headed to Niactic CT for the shooting of the Lifetime Original movie:  Stalker’s Prey 2, by John Doolian, produced by Synthetic Cinema.  My call time was 2PM, but of course I arrived early and ready to work. But as you can imagine there were delays. “Set, reset, and wait” is the nature of the movie business. This production team was top notch and still managed to shoot everything on the schedule. So with my fresh Starbucks in hand I sat down down and read the entire script. It was nail biting and thrilling. The perfect Lifetime Movie you would expect and want to watch.

How did this all begin?  My Executive Producer from my home makeover series thought it would be a great Idea to participate in a local movie production here in CT.  So with a couple of phone calls and a conference call it was decided and settled: Mar Jennings, TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and Realtor will play the role of a local reporter.  The best part?  I have some lines, too!   Look at me I’m a bonafide actor!

Truth be told, with the help of my assistant Melissa and videographer Nick we were able to not only cover my part in the movie and post the behind the scenes on all social media channels, we also captured the behind the scenes aspects of the movie.  But you’ll have to wait a bit: this will all unfold on season 3 of the Makeover Show.

I must mention although that this was not my first movie role, as I played a waiter in Janie Charismanic, produced by Judith Studios .  I’m going from a restaurant maitre d’ to a news reporter and somehow it feels like I’m progressing in the movie world. Stalker's Prey staring Mar Jennings

So after hair (yes they did that on me, too) makeup and wardrobe, I walked out of my dressing room (the bathroom) to receive two thumbs up from the production team.  Two final props were needed to completemike my look: my hand-held network mic and studious glasses to finalize my reporter look. How did I do?  Convincing?

We wrapped the day up at 8pm and headed back feeling pure delight not only because of the work, but the experience to partner and do this role.
So stay tuned as we post and promote the big debut airdate on the Lifetime Network!