Ready for Rain, Living In The Moment

They say that April showers bring May flowers, so what does June rain bring? I’ll tell you: maybe more than I realized.

I have always been a big fan of Mother Nature, but with my newly painted Vespa just waiting for a venture around town, I have had to be extra patient. You can either look at this constant rain situation as the glass half full or half empty. So what is a person to do? My cup – and gutters – runneth over, so I hunkered down and scheduled my activities accordingly indoors.

As a result, I’ve discovered that maybe there is a lesson in all this rain.

Yesterday, I helped my neighbor’s son make a model stage set for a school project, something that I wouldn’t have done unless we were all stuck inside. I booked new appointments, cleaned an office closet, and updated my wireless router. Organized photos on my computer and powered through some gardening shows collected on my DVR. I took my camera and found the beauty among the raindrops. Wouldn’t have done any of it without the rainy days to motivate me. And when the rain subsided, and we got a short burst of sunshine, I wandered back outside to get my fix of blue skies above. (Although it was short lived!)

I guess you can say changing plans because of rainy days was a good reminder of a life lesson: One should always live in the moment, as tomorrow one never knows what may come. If we live life to the fullest every day, regardless of the weather, our jobs, money issues or simply what we are told we are unable to do, we then embrace the fact that we were given this day at all – considering that so many people struggle with even greater odds.

So my dedicated “MARtians,“ we may chant “Rain, rain, go away, come back another day.” But truth be told, perhaps rather than sending it away, we should take it as a sign. They’re forecasting even more rain, and when it shows up I know that’s what I’ll do. How about you?