Ralph and Me

The holiday season is already in full swing here at Rosebrook Gardens as I prepare for my new holiday specials, airing on FOX Connecticut in December. This year I created a refreshingly neutral holiday scheme that compliments my new home décor. It’s all about the glitz, so silver is the dominant color with shades of frosty gray. Tune in to watch the magic unfold next month on FOX CT.

So with the tree full of ornaments and the garland and wreaths done, I decided to accept an invitation for a private tour of the new Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York at 888 Madison Avenue. This 22,000 square foot store is reminiscent of the grand Beaux-Arts architecture of the early 20th Century. Who says they don’t make buildings like this anymore? The Women’s collection spans three floors with, of course, a Home collection on the fourth floor. I needed to see this for myself!

More like an estate than a store, you will be transported by the breathtaking grand staircase, the high ceilings and amazing craftsmanship. The fireplaces alone are all antique marble with extravagant details.

Truth be told, the bomb for me was the Home Department, filled with silver frames, lamps, bedding and furniture. I was happy to see that my holiday tree, completely accented in silver, would be right at home with Ralph’s home décor and accessories. Talk about finding your silver lining.

Come silver, come Ralph, it’s all about the home no doubt.