Raemar in the Garden

Many people have come and gone through the gardens, but this week I learned that one who made a big impression on my life had passed away. One of the most wonderful, supportive and loving women I know. My dearest friend and confidant Paul lost his Mother unexpectedly, so when I received a call I quickly dropped everything and jumped onto the next flight to Vancouver, B.C. Truthfully, one of the most wonderful places to visit, but this was not a business trip but rather my way to show my support and help.

One never really knows what to say when one loses a mother, but being available and showing that you are there both physically and mentally trumps flowers and cards in my book. I found myself touched by the love and warmth of this family as they came together to deal with the loss of one amazing woman.

Raemar, you are and always will be one of the most generous and kind women I had the pleasure of knowing. I felt your love towards me and to all the lucky people that had the pleasure to know you. You were kind, warm and forever supportive of me and my work, and you were the only person I knew who ended their name with Mar—which connected us for sure.

I often try to allow the universe to show me signs that life is a journey and that the secret of what happens after has now bestowed itself to Raemar.

On this trip I learned that Raemar loved roses, particularly yellow roses. That said, I returned back to Rosebrook Gardens, jet-lagged, on Thursday morning to find one single yellow rose in full bloom. Right at the foot of the driveway, close to where she was standing in this photo (with her son, Paul and beloved Violet.) Was this a sign? Definitely.

So my MARtians a sad week indeed, but a lesson observed. Life is too short, Rosebrook Gardens is my blissful home and when the universe speaks I sometimes only need to look to the garden to find my answers. Raemar, you will forever be remembered and loved and I’ll forever dedicate this one climbing rose in your name, greeting new visitors the way you greeted hundreds into your life.