Put a Spring in Your Front Door’s Step

When Spring arrives so do guests and visitors. How’s your home’s first impression?

It is one of the most neglected areas of our homes, the front door area. Entrances mean a lot to any home’s overall design. The entrance of the home is the first thing most people see, and it is certainly a linchpin in the expectations of the design and feel of the home within. So, with that in mind, I’m here to help you make your entrance simply MARvelous.


So, Springtime is the perfect time for a little spruce up that will create a big impact. Where to start? (1)CLEAR OUT ANY UNATTRACTIVE, BROKEN OR UNWANTED ITEMS. You know me, MARtians. I want you to toss that old front door wreath if it is old, dusty, uninspired, from last season or last holiday and especially if it is ancient hydrangeas that are past their prime.

(2) WASH DOWN THE ENTIRE AREA with a hose and get scrubbing if need be. Add some touch-up paint to cover chips, scratches etc. Get really into it and repaint the front door entirely using a gorgeous, glossy paint. Wash windows until they sparkle, inside and out. Flank your door with a beautiful reminder of Mother Nature. This could mean two urns full of evergreens, an oversized, pretty piece of pottery with seasonal blossoms spilling out over the edge and so on.


For me, the pièce de résistance is (3) A BEAUTIFUL, QUALITY DOORMAT. I love the doormats from the Personalized Doormats Company because they don’t sacrifice beauty for function. You can have both! Their variety of doormats is incredible but truly my favorite is the Classic Coir. It looks great, and is customizable, too, so family names (or house names – or whatever you need) can be added. You will see me ordering, and placing, these on every home I design, sell and feature on my show – and at my own home, Rosebrook Gardens, as well. I have had them at my front and back door for years.

Check them out and you will not be disappointed. In fact, I love them so much they’ve given me my own coupon code exclusively for my MARtians. (I know, right?) Just enter MAR in the code at the checkout to receive $6 off your order. (Since the Classic Coir starts at under $30, that can make it about a 20% saving.)

My other new favorite thing is their Design Your Own option. I think my next rainy-day project will be to create my very own design, it’s going to be such fun. Check out their website at personalizeddoormats.com and for more ideas follow them on social media and watch their videos. Tag them (@customdoormats) as they regularly offer additional discounts and tons of great design ideas. Don’t forget to tag me (@marjennings.)

Send me a picture of what your custom doormat looks like in your entranceway! I look forward to it. (Wait, you haven’t ordered it yet? Step on it! lol)