Pulling Some Strings

Last weekend I decided to enjoy my new Lillian August outdoor dining room furniture by having some friends over for dinner. That said, what better entrée to serve under the early-summer stars than a lobster boil? The attire was casual, but the entertainment was sophisticated, thanks to the addition of a new “gentleman caller.” Whoever do I mean? Peter, the date of my dear friend Trish, a true British gentleman who had only arrived the day before direct from London, and who I like to refer to as “Trish’s Gentleman Caller.” Rosebrook Gardens is an English Garden, therefore we love having the Brits visit!

A classically trained violinist, Peter had agreed to entertain us all. After our amazing dinner, we returned to the back yard’s open-air living room for some live music. Violet curled up on my lap while all the breathtakingly beautiful ladies surrounded me and magnificent music filled the air. My buddies watched on as I was in my glory.

That night, Rosebrook Gardens hosted an incredible evening enhanced by dining al fresco and live entertainment. Mother Nature was romanced by the soft strings of the violin playing, but it was our heartstrings that truly were pulled that night by the combination of everything happening.

When you put live entertainment, divine food, the perfect weather and the most attractive ladies in town all together it is as if something magical occurred – lucky us that “someone” pulled a few strings to make it all happen.