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A new year with new services, logo & team members 

Happy 2022!

I hope the new year finds you and your family happy, healthy and just as thrilled as I am about the year ahead.

That said, with all the success and growth over the last decade, Mar Jennings Real Estate has some newness to announce. (I think they’re an improvement–read on and let me know if you agree.)

  1. We’re debuting a new brand name: Mar Jennings Team at Higgins Group Real Estate. While we have always been part of Higgins Group, this change best encompasses my dynamic, hand-selected team of experts supporting our mission to be the best in the business.
  2. In December of 2021 we launched a new product: the luxury Mar candle, with retail distribution to be announced soon, but also perfect for enhancing the casual luxury ambiance at open houses.
  3. This month we also launched an extension of our comprehensive real estate services with corporate long or short term furnished rentals. Truth be told, with the new Norwalk-located Mar Design Warehouse filled with furniture, accessories and soft goods, it was perfect timing to expand our services to accommodate Casual Luxury furnished spaces. This is a service dedicated to those clients looking to simply move into a home, having everything already on hand to live a Casual Luxury lifestyle. Amazing bedding, furnishings, pillows, dishes, glasses and yes: even a stocked refrigerator. No detail is left untouched with the services we provide.

So you see, 2022 is a hit already with all this growth and expansion: a new logo, highlighting our extended services, leveraging our state-of-the-art warehouse storage spaces and wonderfully talented new support members.

Welcome to the new and improved extension of Mar Jennings Lifestyle brand & services.

“Give me/us a week and I’ll give you a home.”

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