Petals of Love

February may be one of the coldest months outside, but inside it is one of the warmest. This month means many things to many people. To some, it is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. It is also Black History Month and let’s not forget (decoratively speaking) it is the final acceptable days of having a holiday wreath on the door.

In a world divided (as we are on political matters, among other things), Feb 14th heralded a welcome bit of coming together in happiness and love. The social media channels were abuzz with all kinds of flowers and candy postings, but the most touching things I witnessed were the bountiful wishes of love for all.

Just like the many and various petals of the roses in my garden, the people in my life are the most precious and fragile – each one different, like those many rose petals. We truly are all one family and despite our differences. Taken together we combine to make a spectacular flower with many rainbow-hued, iridescent, beautiful petals.

In this evaluation of my place here on planet Earth – also know as “LIFE ON MAR’S” – I’ve come to believe during this time of hibernation, while its comforting to know that rebirth is around the corner, right now our behavior and respect for one another trumps all the flowers, cards and gifts.

February will always represent love for sure, but here at Rosebrook Gardens, it is so much more. This month, I hold those I love and work with especially close as we journey along together. So, with only a couple of weeks left this month, I encourage everyone to extend the love beyond those in your circle. Widen your perspective and explore the glory of life, love, and people.

Say it with your words; show it with your heart.

Keep it casual, my MARtians.