I love to celebrate, and years ago I had a realization: why should we only celebrate the birthdate itself when we can celebrate the entire month? Thus the birthday fest was born.  Those closest to me know that I follow this rule now: I love to celebrate my birth month. I am not a fan of counting my actual years on planet earth, so rather than celebrating the years I celebrate life in general. And let’s be honest: you need a whole month to do that appropriately.

To clarify, “fest” is not a month of slavery or doing whatever they ask of you. Rather, this is a month of celebrating and embracing their time with lovely meals, outings and entertainment with friends and family. It’s a fun way to let someone feel honored and special.

April is my birthday month, so today is the eve of MarFest. But also today I am wrapping up PaulFest, which we have celebrated with great delight and joy through the month of March. And although PaulFest wraps up today the celebration of life will forever continue. I’m blessed to have Paul in my life and I seek exciting ways to up the ante to celebrate each year’s special month. This year I had the help of performer Robin Fierce–Paul was extra surprised when she joined us for the official cake ceremony.  As you can see by the photo he was totally loving it.

So my MARtians when it comes to celebrating a birthday rather than thinking of one special day ask yourself: could this be a fest?  The answer should always be the same…let the festivities begin!