Oh Say Can You Sing? (…Along, that is!)

TGIF, MARtians and Happy Fourth of July in advance!

I know many of you enjoyed my recent forays into carpool karaoke á la James Corden. (Here it is, if you’ve missed it! or click on our photo.) I promise many more hilarious and entertaining mini-productions ahead. I absolutely cannot live without music, and I love sharing it.

Ask anyone.

From the tunes in my car to the music I pipe through my home every day, I rarely go more than an hour without the inspiration and pleasure music brings. It is in that spirit, and the spirit of the holiday, I’d like to share with you one of my new favorite playlists for summer weekends!

Crank it up and enjoy this long weekend as we celebrate the birth of our nation with fanfare and festivities. You know I will be listening along with you, picnicking and thinking about what it means to be truly free. Free to pursue happiness in music and in all of life.This is a great country!

MARtians, I challenge you. Make a playlist of your own on YouTube and share it with the world by posting it on social media with the hashtag #MusicOnMars. Casual Luxury is nothing without a great soundtrack. I can’t wait to hear what gets your toes tapping!

Turn It UP This July 4th!