NY Book Fair

What do the following people have in common?

We are all featured at the Book Expo America this week at the Javitz Center in New York! That’s right, alongside regular best-selling authors there were celebrities everywhere.

And it was all for a business convention; a collection of the most premium, select group of people in the publishing industry that I have ever met.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I accepted the invitation to participate and talk about my work. I am featured in the Midpoint Trade Books distributor section of the fair, and there is definite excitement building around the pending publication of my design book–even though its not launching till later this year!

I have met such wonderful, dedicated and creative people. Publishers, agents, printers, distributors, other authors, and fans–lots and lots of book fans of every type. In this digital age, it is always very encouraging to see so many lovers of books show up with such passion for the written word.

All types of books are here, too: educational, fiction, romance, how-to, health and nutrition, true crime, art and photography, graphic novels and children’s–and that just scratches the surface. Now I have even more books on my “I want to read list” but sadly I have to now wait till the titles come out! This is truly an amazing overview of the book world today–a snapshot of the pulse of the industry and it’s tastes and influences for the coming year. An example: two of the biggest draws were the cast of the reality show Duck Dynasty and an appearance by the internet sensation Grumpy Cat!

For me, I still enjoy seeing the glamorous celebrities–whether true literary types or those from our movie screens. And thanks to all of my supporters–my MARtians–I feel like I fit right in. (By the way, Julianne Moore and Debra Messing are both even more beautiful in person–and tiny!)

Just did a book signing, too–it was limited to an hour, and we had to turn people away after we ran out of books after 55 minutes! It was so exciting to meet lots and lots of new folks who are only now learning about life on Mar’s. People were kindly commenting that I looked as good as in my photo–and hearing that from my fans (and new admirers) after a long, hot NY summer day was not only fun but most certainly made this an a”fair” to remember!

So, what’s on your summer reading list?