I’m excited to announce the debut of a new weekend show, Northeast Living. A unique lifestyle series featuring dining, travel, cooking, shopping, and all things special about living in the Northeast. Get ready for a fun and entertaining weekly series that is both inspiring and educational. We will premier our first show tomorrow: Saturday, March 12th at 9 AM EST on the FOXCT network.

Northeast Living will be your insider guide to all things unique to the Northeast, covering a wide variety of topics and highlighting some of the most amazing people, places, and businesses. Week to week you’ll never guess where we will turn up or what we will be doing. Together, we will discover the resources that are available to all of us in this beautiful and diverse part of the country.

As the host, I also get to show you my tricks and projects for various lifestyle topics. So from time to time, about we will visit my home Rosebrook Gardens to highlight some of my very own casual luxury tips and secrets for the home and garden. You will love my special guest(s) and how they, too, have a passion for what they do.

I can’t wait to bring this all to you! Please join me every Saturday, at 9 AM, EST on FOXCT. When you combine the fascinating and helpful contents of this show with my on-camera personality you have a recipe for a guaranteed good time. Northeast Living will be simply MARvelous no doubt.