No fan of that fan

Over the last few weeks, I’ve turned my attention indoors for some small upgrades and renovations. These mini projects don’t take much time to do but do take some scheduling juggling.

For example, to make room for my new skylight, I needed to rework the placement of the existing bathroom exhaust fan to a new location. Once the skylight was in, the workers asked if I wanted to use the same 14-year-old fixture or did I want to consider something new. I took one look at the old one and quickly said, “Good grief yes: replace it!”

Truth be told, over the past year I did notice that when it was on, it would sound like an old dishwasher washing broken glasses, rather than a quiet, properly discreet bathroom exhaust fan. My mother, when she visits, is notorious for forgetting to turn off the ceiling fan, and it always drives me crazy to hear that noise. You can say that I was not a fan of using that fan! This impulse decision led to my thinking about the two others in my home (all were the same age) and before I knew it, I went from replacing one to replacing and installing three.

Today’s exhaust fans provide even more ventilation and circulate more air than older models, thus keeping your bathroom fresh, quiet and current. Plus, they have much better lighting options than in years past, so you get double-duty. So, with all my new fans finally installed today, the next round of workers have been called to patch the holes, tape and prepare the walls for painting. In true Mar style, when the painters finally arrive, I’m sure I’ll add some touch-ups and small projects. And who knows, maybe I’ll even consider repainting the master bedroom. You just never know with me, so you’ll need to stay tuned and FAN’d out.