No Bones About It

I am dog lover; no bones about it! But for me, nothing is better than Schnauzer love in the form of a big wet kiss from my little four-legged best friend, Violet, also my cherished child.

But sometimes you have to work to get their attention and a kiss. Miss Violet, no doubt loves her Daddy but unlike me, she has no interest in clothes (and lots of them), housewares and another casual luxury accouterment. In fact, she couldn’t care less about the cute little jar which houses her treats, only the treats themselves. She’s a simple Southern belle and prefers to be “au naturel”, just the way she was intended to be.

That said, each year as Halloween approaches, I attempt to prepare her by buying her a fun new costume. But boy, does she hate hats and anything on her feet. Two years ago she hated the chicken outfit complete with a hat resembling a chicken’s comb. Last year the Princess Leia outfit came complete with a wig. What a disaster that was. She hated it and boy did she let me know it. “Bark, bark, bark,” she said, asking me, “Why ya’ll torturing me? Isn’t it enough that I’m your mascot and don’t get paid for it?”

This year I decided to give her a break, and go with doggy pajamas, hoping she would embrace them since there was no headdress. Well, no such luck. It took three tries to get this photo. She was not happy but finally, she gave me that “cover girl” look as to say, “no bones about, I’ll tolerate this for your photo, but make it quick”!

This little bundle of joy has an attitude problem when it comes to wearing anything other than a collar, a simple strand of pearls or a fabulous diamond necklace. Okay so things could be a lot worse I suppose. She does indulge me a bit, but she draws the line at ridiculous. I just love that about her.

No doubt about it, she loves me, tolerates me and makes my life not so ruff – ruff!