Night on the town with Miss Violet

Just like my Mother and and her mother before her when getting ready for a night out, they would pack into the car and have their hair done. Violet now continues the ladies’ tradition because rather than calling it “time for the groomer” I have come to refer to it as “time to go to the Beauty Parlor” and that’s exactly what it is: a beauty experience – especially when you take your dog to Grooming By Debbie, located in Norwalk, CT. I felt that it was important to keep Violet on a beauty schedule so I called to make an appointment for a follow-up haircut and blowout for Miss Violet. Debbie took care of my first dog, Corky, since the day I brought her home, so it was fitting that Violet would get the same royal treatment. I picked her up to find her smelling and looking fabulous, filled with excitement (and a poop just waiting to explode: she prefers to poop at home!)

I love animal as you know but I believe anyone who works with pets everyday has to have a special gift and I know that Debbie has a remarkable touch and so much more. I’m grateful to Debbie for giving Corky her last haircut in November and deep in my heart I knew that just might be her last. Debbie loved Corky and I could see her hold back the tears when we talked about her last days with me. I’m so glad to offer Debbie the chance to bond with this new generation of the Von Schhnorkenheimer family, just in a new color pallette.

As perfect as Violet was, I felt she was ready to make her party debut so that evening we ventured out to our first: an art gallery exhibit for the talented Stacy Bass. Stacy, who photographed Corky and I for my book, was also responsible for many wonderful photos of the garden, so I’m a big fan and accepted the invite with my CEO Paul Mitchell. The art, the food and of course Violet were a big hit. Although Violet arrived timid and quite shy in my arms she quickly relaxed and got into the swing of things, becoming quite social with all who wandered over to meet us (and who are we kidding, she they really came to meet her). With children around, music playing and over 100 guests this would make for a great night out to introduce her to new surroundings: plenty of distracting and maybe even frightening new things. Lesson one with Mar Jennings, you must be able to do the party scene. Violet passed flying colors and became the belle of the ball (well, next to the artist, of course!). At the end of the night I found myself just “the man holding the cute puppy” instead of “Mar Jennings the author and national lifestyle expert.” This night I took second billing quite happily.

This past week began the “get in your basket” training with great success. We also worked on stay and come with great strides. Treats are the incentive, but kisses – and I mean kisses: when I hold her up to me she puts her paws on either side of my lips to push them together into a pucker – are the real motivation. So much so, I have to remind Violet that it’s not normal for her and daddy to kiss so much, especially in public.

I would soon learn other interesting things about Violet: 1- she can tear up the stairs but still refuses to go down them. 2 – After a big snowstorm in Connecticut that dumped over a foot of snow I wondered what Violet would make of this? Well, she loves smelling the “white stuff” and getting it on her nose, but requires me to plow her area clean so she could enjoy it from afar. That’s my girl all right! 3 – She prefers ice cubes in her water dish for chewing and playing. And 4 – Now she prefers to be under the covers in bed than on top – perhaps it was the falling overboard last week that sealed the deal on this.

Truth be told, the most important discovery would come while holding her close and looking deep into her eyes. I can see a loving pet filled with “I want to make you happy, I’m here for you, I’ll grow old with you and you should know that Corky is here too.” Does this even make sense? Perhaps it’s normal when you miss a pet so much. Looking into Violet’s hazel eyes I can’t help but see beyond her 12 weeks of life. Somehow she is offering me something way beyond the traditional pet and owner relationship. Only time will tell, but for now I feel much better knowing that this little, brown and white parti color baby girl schnauzer lead me to find her in more ways than one. I find new inspiration and passion with every moment we spend together and I’m sure there is a long-term plan that will unfold as the years go by.

I am blessed and grateful for in life some of the biggest rewards come in the smallest packages.