New Year = New Exciting Episodes!


We are thrilled to enter into the new year with such excitement and opportunities. Season 3 is in full force and the next two weekends are dedicated to MARTV as this Sunday and next Sunday two new episodes of LIFE ON MAR’S: The Home Makeover Show are on ABC.  (WTNH 8)

And I’m off to a new home and renovation! TBH, I wasn’t briefed completely on it, so there was one big surprise waiting for me!

The home is called Greystone, and it needs 4 episodes to do it justice (there’s so much to show–and there is a reveal in each episode.)

Luckily partnership with ETHAN ALLEN has taken this project to a whole new level as my design principle Casual Luxury finds a home with ETHAN ALLEN. This newest transformation is filled with many surprises so you don’t want to miss the journey it took to get us there.

You know I love to use local resources, and this home is no exception. ETHAN ALLENChloe Winston LightingKaren Berkemeyer HomeNuheat FlooringWestport GlassCabinets to Go, Lifetronic SystemsCONTROL4/ Smart Home technology, Marsillos Appliance & TV and Mr. Mailbox all jumped onboard to help. Watch and see their aMAzing work!

This was no easy task but we did it! Watch (or DVR) the first episode this Sunday and let us know what you think.

Get caught up on this season here: click to watch previous episodes!