New Baby Announcement

Mar William Jennings & Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer are proud to announce the impending arrival of a new little girl:

Daisy Aster Rose Von Schnorkenheimer

She is barely a month old, so she won’t be making her debut here for a few more weeks–but I’ll be sure to tell you the moment she arrives.

Daisy (yes, that’s her in the photos) is a super-rare red-headed miniature schnauzer. Like Violet’s name, Daisy’s is, of course, a floral-inspired one, and Rose pays homage to our home, Rosebrook Gardens–a name she shares with Violet. As for Aster? Well it’s a wonderful English garden staple, which coincidentally is a relative of the daisy, and one of the most prolific varieties is violet in color. Talk about making hers a family name!

Miniature schnauzers, a breed that originated in Germany, come in 3 genetic color groups: black, liver or white. The first standards recording these main color groups was published in 1880. Since then, many variations on these colors are seen: silver, grey, chocolate, and wheaten. But red?

Red is one of three types of wheaten-colored schnauzers (the other two are cream and golden), and was first recorded in official schnauzer records in 1929. As puppies they can appear almost copper colored, and then grow to a lush and deep amber. It is considered a type of “wild” coloring, in that these schnauzers share some of the same genes that give the color variations in foxes and coyotes. But the temperament? The same smart, loving, deeply loyal personality as any schnauzer.

I’d been dreaming of a red mini for a while, and so when Vera from Maximillian Schnauzers called to say that one was finally available I couldn’t say no. Can you blame me?

And I know that Violet is going to be a terrific older sister. I couldn’t ask for a better companion than Violet, and her smarts, social skills, and devotion will be an excellent example for Daisy to follow–making it easier for her to adapt to her new home.

That’s the update for now…must get going as Violet and I have lots to prepare for the pitter-patter of little paws.