National Puppy Day

Today is celebrated by all in the US as National Puppy Day and you do not need to own a puppy to celebrate. Today we dog owners hold our pets extra close with kisses and hugs but it never takes a national holiday for such joyous shows of affection to take place. Here at my home National Puppy Day is every day, as my two girls Violet and Daisy (she’s the redhead)  remind me! They are in charge and the have a schedule that I must oblige. When they want to go out, when they want a cookie, and of course the exact moment dinner should be served. (Sometimes that feels like it’s down to the second; any fellow dog owners can relate.)

For many Americans, having a dog or any pet is not possible for various reasons. But I want to remind you that you can always find a way to share that love via a pet owner, as we are always looking for babysitters!

I’m lucky that my friend and neighbor Barbara adores my girls and alternates care for them and takes responsibility when I work and travel. It used to be that every few days they’d spend one night sleeping over next door, but somehow now several days can pass before my girls return. If I’m lucky it’s “one night on, one night off” and I see them 50% of the time, haha. She’s referred to as their “mama” and of course mama spoils them rotten.

From my childhood
From my new collection

I’m blessed to share my girls for sure, but even when I was not able to own a dog my life was filled with them. Let me explain: over the years I have collected many references to dogs in paintings, sculptures and the subjects of books. Truth be told, there is one very special figurine from my childhood that inspired my collection and, although I didn’t take possession of it until I was an adult, has since followed me wherever my life has taken me.

This perfectly patina-ed iron dog once graced our childhood family home. It sits proudly at Rosebrook Gardens in my bedroom reminding me of my past and my love for my dogs.  That said, I’m blessed to have my real fur babies but I’m also comforted by the collection of various breeds and dogs that over the years keep me bow-wowing for more.

So on this National Puppy Day, remember that loving a dog can come in a variety of ways; and luckily some of them do not require paper training!

Puppy Violet

Love life, love our dogs, and love the memories.