My Year in Review

Without a doubt, 2013 was an aMARzing year and, as they say, my MARtians, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” And boy, have I had lots of it this year building my casual luxury lifestyle brand. New experiences, new travel destinations, an HGTV Flea Market Flip stint and, of course, the national release of my second book LIFE ON MAR’S, Creating Casual Luxury.

Today, on this glorious winter day, I was wondering how to sum it all up. Then I wandered into my Folly and was met with this tableau. A collection of items which, when viewed together, managed to capture the essence of my brand over the year.

The Union Jack pillow reflects my desire to emulate a British gentleman’s look and English garden; my collection of garden tools both old and new represents my love of Mother Nature; rescued and recycled furniture captures one of my core design principles; glass vessels galore for dried flowers or fresh clippings signal my love of bringing the outdoors inside; my new custom doormat – purchased exclusively for this year’s Christmas House tour – is a reminder of what fun it was to open my home to others; and lastly, posters of both book covers encapsulate my desire to share what I’ve learned with all of you.

This little jewel of a garden building provides such joy, and this photo helps capture the pleasures of a well appointed, well loved space. Winter, spring, summer and fall are each represented here and, as my Folly provides a decorative place to observe each season, it was fitting that it also managed to produce a survey of my year in review.

As I look back, I also look forward. What story will my Folly tell at the end of next year? I’m sure there will be some common elements and themes. As you look to the New Year next week, I invite you to pause and ponder your own year in review. Sometimes one needn’t go far to get inspiration. We don’t know what’s ahead, but often there are clues in our past.

Until next year my MARtians! Have a safe, healthy and loving celebration of the New Year.