My Inner Kor(s)

This week I had the opportunity to meet Michael Kors at a fashion show of his fall collection. How exciting it was to be invited. Thank you, Donna! After the fashion show, a delightfully well-dressed woman approached me with a big smile on her face and excitement in her eyes. I was prepared to talk about the collection. She extended her hand to me and began to speak of my philanthropic commitment to the community and how she has been following my career. She has been to my home for a garden tour, bought my book, follows my blog religiously, loves my website and even has a schnauzer called Daisy in honor of Violet.

It never fails to touch my heart when I learn that I have touched someone’s life. Throughout my career, I have always strived to bring heart and soul into every endeavor. This has been an underlying core value of mine. Truth be told, it has been the relationships that I have developed, nurtured and maintained that have inspired and sustained me. I am blessed to work with amazing companies, including Fox, QVC, Better TV and Cottage Farms Nurseries to name a few. Boy, do I love what I do! It’s the people at these companies that make the relationships so wonderful. And it’s moments like this that validate my journey.

As a fan of Michael Kors, meeting him was very exciting. Being approached by a fan of his and who is also apparently a fan of mine was gratifying, to say the least. She touched my “core” at Michael Kors.