Mum’s The Word

October is filled with color and textures, and there is no better way to get an instant pop of freshness than by adding some Chrysanthemums in your life. Available just about anywhere this time of year, I enjoy these classic perennials that burst a bold punch of color on lush dense leaves. Synonymous with the autumn season, buying plants with nice, tight buds offer weeks of enjoyment. For me, when these hardy mums become available, it’s time for the corduroys and sweaters to make a come back.

Over the years, my four-season garden approach has been featured in many publications and visited by thousands – all of whom continue to be amazed by the beautiful specimens of trees, shrubs and perennials that highlight my attention to detail. So, as my social and business activities peek into full bloom, my garden al-MAR-nac keeps me well in check on all the projects at hand.

But this fall is extra special as I’m to be visited by a top-notch TV executive. With the garden chores done, I’ve diligently been styling and working extra hard on all the last interior details. The painters are finished (for now), carpet has been installed, furniture has arrived, lighting fixtures updated and a collection of fresh flowers from the garden are picked and proudly displayed. And let’s not forget my collection of mums that are abundant in the window boxes and planters.

So, until next week, I’ll just put it out to the Blogosphere that Rosebrook Gardens is my home, my life and passion. Sharing my private space is what Life on Mar’s is all about, but until my guest experiences it first hand for himself next week, mums the word.