Miss Violet a country girl?

Recently my dear friend and former Westport neighbor, Barbara asked if I was available to join her on a wonderful mini vacation to Vermont. As a superb destination for country drives, mountain trails and walks, both Violet and I were delighted to check our schedule (yes, she too has a schedule) and regrettably, I was booked for some appearances and unable to say yes. Before I was even done whispering my regrets, the question came – the one that any proud Daddy would fear: “Well, what about Violet?” Although I was busy, Violet should not be punished and should go without me. And wow, she would be staying at the prestigious Equinox hotel, so of course I said yes. (I tried to train her to buy a souvenir for me, but I don’t think she caught on.)

I had my CFO Paul Mitchell drive Violet to Barbara’s New York apartment, with Violet’s Louis Vuitton travel bag filled with her finest travel wear, food and designer leashes. Ok, so I don’t have kids going to college, so I can splurge on my little girl.

But first, while in Westport, she had a ‘Furbulous’ bath, followed by a blowout. Her signature pearl necklace got a fresh new orange ribbon for the festive weekend retreat. The hand-off went perfectly, and Mama Barbara drove from New York to Vermont, happy with little Violet nestled on her lap, off on her long weekend to discover Vermont!  With the GPS system programmed, Barbara, Violet and Barbara’s good friend Mary were all set. However, the trip took a bit more time than originally planned – but as Barbara says “I don’t get lost – I just take longer than some people!” So, I want to be clear: they weren’t lost, they were leisurely.

Violet took long three-mile walks every day, shopped and made lots of new friends. The hotel, famous for their magnificent property, restaurant and scenery is also renowned for their service – which is shorthand for saying that soon everyone who worked there was looking for reasons to pamper Violet. I know I brag about her a lot, but her temperament is so sweet that I’m honestly not stretching the truth when I describe to you how people respond when she’s around. Behind the scenes at the hotel, I’m convinced that Mary and Barbara were referred to as “those fabulous women who are staying with Miss Violet.” As she checked out of her suite, Barbara was told, “Ma’am, if you leave the state with her you’re going to get arrested.” Talk about having an impact on the town!

She returned excited, needing a bath – and with pearls missing. I think the transition to country life meant she didn’t need the jewelry – did she tear it off? She became a rugged country girl, covered in bits of forest and with that outdoor-dog look in her eye. The only thing missing was a plaid flannel coat. (I think I saw a tin of tobacco in her Louis Vuitton case!) Oh, my. I gave her that well-deserved bath, repaired her pearls, and put her to bed. She slept for three days, and when she awoke boy did she have stories to tell. Bark, bark, bark, bark. And then, bark, bark, bark. It was great to have her home.

I missed the little girl when she was gone, and wondered what she was up to with Barbara. And with only one photo sent to me over a four-day period, I worried about Barbara away, Violet in a new place and Mar not able to take care of them.

In the end, happily, Barbara took a well-deserved vacation with her dear friend Mary, Violet joined her and Mar was stuck at home working and worrying about them both. I made some money with my appearances, Barbara made Violet’s weekend and Violet made some everlasting new friends. Life is good.