Master Copper Craftsman At Work

Hello my MARtians, I am so thrilled to tell you about Damien Teed, a master craftsman indeed.

As you know I’m currently in the process of building–from the ground up–a new stone fireplace and chimney, and when it comes to the top of the chimney there are many options for a cap. A big box store mass-production cap or one finished in the same material as the chimney.

I of course decided early in the transformation phase that I wanted something both functional and extremely decorative. A copper detail, to be exact,  that would turn back time in architectural design. Thus a mini house cap. I quickly went to the internet for some inspiration and quickly came up with a design that felt would offer something largely unseen and totally unexpected. But who was to create this for me? My contractor, friend and colleague Scott Rochlin came to the rescue by offering Damien Teed as the man to make it happen.

I checked out the information on his company, Flashing & Cedar Roof know as Streamline Roofing Services LLC. There he says that he formed the company  “with one specific goal in mind: to be the region’s premier commercial and residential roofing company, and to serve their clients unmatched craftsmanship, true dependability, and professionalism.” That said, they do that and so much more!

Polished just like the new copper flashing he installs, Damien arrived prepared and ready to assess the project and offer both ideas and creative contributions. He is a true artisan, knowing his craft and understanding the building process, linking my overall concept with the fundamentals of merging the creativity of the overall design with functionality.

Truth be told, the moment I met Damien I knew I needed to feature his skill set and company on the show. So we are doing just that. Although the show won’t air for a while, right now all you need to know about him is that I had other options when it came to a fireplace cap but once I got to know his work there was truly no competition.

That said, in under than three days Damian had taken my idea and inspirational photos and created a design showing both the profile from the street as well as the side profile of this cap. OMG!!!!! I said yes and he went right into production. Today I had a sneak peek of the base and I was so blown away. I witnessed greatness in progress as he demonstrated the manipulation of the copper and his welding and fabrication skills! I can’t wait to show you the end results both on social media and in an upcoming episode of LIFE ON MAR’S: The Home Makeover Show season 3.

In closing, he is “MAR Approved” with the highest rating I could ever offer. Beyond FIVE STARS!

Happy to sign my name in the frame, knowing it will be part of the house forever!
The base frame of my new copper chimney cap. Love that shine!
Damien Teed at work in his shop, fabricating the copper.
Damien makes this skilled work look easy. Great job!