Mar’s Playhouse

Here in Connecticut, there is no sign of warmer temperatures anytime soon, so a dose of spring is just what I need. I decided I would get my quick fix by way of the nursery – embracing the tropical enclosure of a lush green environment. I step inside and it’s Utopia – I’m home! – as I discover all that is new and in bloom. Being in a nursery in the dead of winter is to be somewhere that is not only filled with eye candy, but a blissful fragrant delight that intoxicates me with inspiration and memories of playing in the dirt not so long ago.

I returned home with a new collection of Paperwhites, Amaryllis, Orchids, and a beautiful Ivy intertwined on a bamboo trellis. After such trips, my garden studio becomes “Transplanting Central,” during the winter months. I cherish this time, selecting the perfect pot or decorative container to house these new babies. Transplanting them is the most important way to compliment their powerful punch of color and texture. I love this time, as it allows me to get lost in creatively reinventing fresh new ways to showcase them in my home.

Take it from me: growing and nurturing plants indoors during the cold, long winter months is the perfect way to get your fix. You get to invite Mother Nature in and leave Old Man Winter out. And no need to worry about grass stains – yet.