MAR’s MARket

Happy long-weekend Friday, Martians!

Being British-descended and having been inspired by Saville Row, I have always wondered what it would be like to have my own proper shop.

My personal store would be fabulous. It would be filled with Casual Luxury items I have personally curated from all over the world. Fashion for home, garden, people, and pets would certainly be the theme. It could happen; you never know!

If you’d like to get an idea of what my storefront would look like, you’re in luck, Martians! Recently, my own home renovation and alterations have my usual sense of order turned upside down with my furniture, dishware, and personal items piled higgledy-piggledy upon one another. Instead of getting frustrated, I decided to get fun. Life is a bowl of cherries if you look at it that way, and that is what I do.

Because of all the construction, a giant hutch from my dining room had made its way to my front window. So I made lemonade out of my bowl of cherries – wait, that’s not quite right -I made the best of my current sloppy circumstances. From the street my window looked like a storefront, so I hauled a mannequin in and created a charming tableau. And for added laughs, I tried to mix it up for my neighbors by changing the mannequin often…I tease them by asking if they notice the differences each day, lol.

What would your store sell? Better yet, let me know: How do you make the best of less than ideal times? I’d love to know how my martians cope when the planets are out of alignment, and it seems like the world as it was once known is over.

My kitchen and main floor renovations have meant that every day plays host to different workers and craftsmen – one day its drywall, another its carpentry, and another its painters, and so on. I have a new appreciation for the idea that you have to seize the moment and make every day count. And as my neighbors are discovering, you never know what’s in ‘store.’