Lush, gorgeous and fabulous

The garden is exploding with color and blooms just ready to burst. The poppies, the peonies, and the lilacs are just an example of the world of delight that takes place in life on Mar’s.

This is the time with the biggest rewards and when one can find me reflecting and wandering through the garden enjoying all the rewards from cultivating and tending to Rosebrook Gardens. Rosebrook Gardens is a home first and foremost, but the energy and soul of this house are evident from the moment one sees how the home, gardens and garden studio are all connected. My garden offers three dimensions for four seasons. There are plants wispy or rotund, broad or statuesque, low or creeping,  or upright and towering. This is my gift, and Mother Nature rewards me with the most splendidly vivid display of beauty that can only be referred to as “out of this world”. The allure of this garden is not just its impressive eye-appeal but rather its simple and attainable concepts that vibrate throughout.

As a homeowner, I’m aware of the financial benefits that a well-designed garden can offer. As an avid gardener, I know the mental health benefits it provides me as well. The lessons I’ve learned so early in life in the garden with my grandmother continue to offer me wisdom, insight, and motivation for life today. You see, many times our gardens require our help, whether the soil needs amendment or a support system is required to assure branches become strong and bear their weight– we are there. Life requires the same skill-set as many answers to “what to do” can be found from a passionate gardener. Back in my banking days, I realized there was a direct correlation between tending to my roses or tending to my employees–both require undivided attention and support to reach their greatest potential. My roses would reward me with the most amazing, prolific flowers and my employees would succeed in sales and services rewards.

Here in my garden studio, you will find me writing my blog with Violet at my feet or napping on my lap, taking in smells of the garden. As a breeze blows I take a deep breath to infuse myself with the fragrant smells of springtime in the garden. The intoxication is nothing but euphoria that fuels my desire to continue doing what I love most: nurturing, tending, expanding and discovering all that Mother Nature has to offer – my web site allows me to share my experiences and love with you. Learning, having fun, and passing it on will always be one of my greatest joys. That said, you too could pass this on. If you are inspired by my articles, book or blog share with your friends family and co-workers. Knowledge is power!

This week I was on Better CT on Tuesday, and the rest of the week was loaded with both creative meetings and writing assignments. I have lots to be inspired by right now and the ideas seem to be endless in my head. I’ll be back in production in June on location here so these ideas come at the right time.

As I prepare for the long holiday weekend I decided to enjoy it right here at Rosebrook Gardens. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent the Memorial Day weekend in Connecticut. I’m excited to relax in the garden of course and invite some friends to show off and stroll with me in the garden. We will not be empty handed, as we will be enjoying the views with my signature spring drink, the “Bumblebee Cocktail.” Yum, yum. What? Don’t you know this fabulous and simple cocktail? Well, a quick drive to your local bookstore for my book can provide you the recipe. And if you should take me up on this recommended weekend excursion let me know for a special gift. Just fax us your receipt at 203-227-4065 with your name and address and a little something from life on Mar’s will show up at your door.
(This special offer is only available this weekend; receipts must be dated May 22-25, 2009).

Now it’s time for the Miss Violet update. Talking–known as barking to some–Violet is fearless and will talk to just about anyone who will listen, walk up or happen to be in sight. Two-legged, four-legged, small or large —- bark, bark, bark–do I know you? bark, bark, bark–have you met me yet? Or my favorite, bark, bark, bark this is all mine.

With all the visitors and photo opportunities I began to give Violet a daily brushing and I found what works best is a small treat in her month to distract her so I can come at her with the brush. It’s funny the moment she’s done with the treat, she’s back at me, with a vengeance. So another cookie goes right back in her month allowing me to continue the daunting process. By the time I’m done she consumes 3-4 cookies, but truth be told they’re Dr. Goldstein’s daily health nuggets from Earth Animal: but please don’t tell Violet.

As she celebrates 23 weeks, she is ready for our Monday downtown parade. My red Vespa, an old vintage basket, and her red, white and blue ribbon around her neck will be the hit of the parade – I’ll just be the man driving Miss Violet. I can just picture it, can’t you? Violet’s first parade will be one to remember.

Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend everyone.