Loving Thy Dog

As a dog owner, I find tremendous happiness with my little miniature schnauzer, as my “fur baby” is there to comfort me in so many ways. She is as much a part of me as I am a part of her.

Having this little dog comes with great responsibilities that I cherish and enjoy, but now that my travel pains are solidified to London next month I turn to my neighbors and friends for doggie support. Just like any other responsible pet owner I surround myself with other pet lovers who, just like me, are passionate about their animals.

I’ll be away on business, and I know I’ll be having a blast so I’ll need to make sure that Violet too is entertained daily. She does not want to just sit around (like many people with their human children, I’m told the apple does not fall far from the tree) – so if I’m having a vacation then I sense she wants one, too. And that’s where my wonderful friends are stepping up. While they juggle their time visiting and taking her, my staff will be on hand, too, assuring a tired and happy dog at the end of each day.

I have a homemade doggie cookie recipe that I created for my last schnauzer Corky that Violet also loves, so I’ll stock up before I go. These yummy treats will be in abundance, but so will the activities. As I work in my office, going over every detail of my week-long trip, my assistant provides me with updates on Violet’s itinerary. It looks something like this: Monday to Friday: Yorkshire Terriers Molly & Digby’s house for daily activities, then home for dinner. After supper, to Springer Spaniel Elizabeth’s house for a late visit and play date. And, of course, there will be doggie naps and plenty of ball playing in between, not to mention that distinct barking of hers announcing her arrivals here and there. I feel better knowing that she will be taken such good care of.

I do love my dog – okay that should be obvious – but I know I’m not alone, and just like a child in need of constant attention, Violet is no different and I’m more than happy to coordinate it for her.

I’m proud to be a pet owner and advocate for dog ownership. Having Violet in my life offers many wonderful rewards, but the most important one is the unconditional love that fills my life. When I rest my head, she does, too; when I walk, she walks; when I shower, she watches, hoping not to be invited. The sharing, caring and loving that animals provide is a wonderful thing and I strongly recommend it, as I’m a better person for it.

How do you love your pet?

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