Loving it!

Have you ever found yourself doing something and saying to yourself “I love this!”?

Well, it seems that this last week I was saying that simple phrase over and over again.

It all began last Sunday morning on WTNH’s Good Morning Connecticut with my buddy Gil Simmons. I’ve known Gil for many years – as his mom is one of my biggest fans. The conversation was fun, energetic and playful as I spoke about my upcoming lecture tomorrow at the Farmington Library and the re-release of my best selling book LIFE ON MAR’S, A Four Season Garden, and its new retail price of $19.95.

As you can see from this blog photo we had a blast. But that was just the beginning! Thursday I was back on the morning TV circuit, but this time for FOX in Hartford, with the delightful Erica Arias.

Several speaking engagements also rolled in this week, and I’m excited about them all. One is a unique opportunity to speak to the “Over 40 Females,” a national networking group, giving women a platform to be heard, to network and to encourage each other, with the motto “Connect, Encourage and Inspire. I’ll get to be with them on May 21st at the fabulous Artisan Restaurant in Southport, CT. No doubt this will be a fun event, as I will be speaking about doing what I love and loving what I do – and discovering the passion, the drive and the will to succeed. More on that to come so stay tuned.

So it’s been a whirlwind week leading up to my free lecture tomorrow at the Farmington Library at 2 pm.

So, my wonderful followers – aka my MARtians – I leave you with this: This week spring has sprung and so did I, and no matter how much springing I do I’m asked to do more. And you know what? I’m loving every MARvelous step of the way.