Love Thy Horse

It’s been over a year since I began reconnecting to my former passion for the equestrian life and taking lessons at Salko Farm in Southport, CT.  Since then I have had the most wonderful and fulfilling time connecting with my horse Patrick. What started as an informal weekly lesson with my friend Dayna has turned into a real sport with visions of competitions and hopefully blue ribbons in the near future.

Recently, while working on my jumping skills, Patrick landed the jump but then tripped, and I flew off his back onto the ground.  It happened so fast, but I luckily had a natural approach to the fall. That said, I’m no stranger to falling: I had my fair share as a competitive world class skater. So I instinctively took to this fall just like any other: relax, tuck & roll.  The silver lining? They say you’re not a true horseperson until you get thrown from or have fallen off of a horse. So now I’m official!

Those present, my coach and Dayna, commented on how they rarely see anyone fall off a horse so gracefully and confidently.  To me I simply recalled all those years of falling from my double axle jumps (to name a few) and muscle memory took over.

No fault of Patrick’s, so I quickly got right back in the saddle and repeated the jump, thus validating to him that I was okay and ready to continue with my lesson.

I reflect on it and can’t help making a connection to a bigger pattern. I must state that this is what my life has been since I was a child: obstacles, met with drive and then some falls, too. But my deepest connections were led by my passion and love for life–and to keep going.

So yes, I fell off my horse; as in life, things can sometimes derail you from your greater plan, but in the end how we act and respond defines who we are.

I will forever try to be that guy who, should I take a fall in life, will simply dust myself off, take responsibility and try it again.