LOVE Is On The Air

On Monday I had the pleasure to announce – live on the FoxCT Morning Show – the winners of this year’s 2011 Dream Wedding! Over the past several weeks the couples had been nominated, the viewers had voted, the tally was in, and now it was time to announce the big reveal of who would be chosen. It’s a great prize, including a glamorous reception at The Society Room of Hartford. I was so excited to participate in this live broadcast and, knowing I would be working with the winning couple on all the details building up to the live wedding on April 15, I took to this assignment with great pride and excitement. I love weddings and I always say “You can’t get MARried without MAR first!“

Truth be told, the top three couples were all winners in my book, so it was suspenseful for me to learn who won. That said, I was nervous but I tried not to show it; that is, until it was time to open the darn envelope! It seemed to be almost impossible, and I struggled to break the seal. Was it closed with Crazy Glue? Yikes! After resorting to ripping the envelope to pieces I pulled out the card and announced the winners: Rebecca & Jason.

It touched my heart when Rebecca broke into tears with excitement, and Jason, the true gentleman that he is, held her tight. How to describe this couple’s commitment and connection? They really do embody the word “love”. You see, Rebecca & Jason met after each had Gastric-Bypass surgery. Both showed up for the same support group, and love was in the air. Now they are committed to supporting each other for the rest of their lives, and the viewers of FoxCT get to help with all the details. So vote! For the dress, the menu, the rings and so much more. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t met them until now – just log onto to get involved in the celebration.

Here’s a photo of the three of us at Anderson Jewelers in East Hartford, CT. Such a happy couple. Rebecca and Jason, I love that you both did not let love ByPass you. Congratulations, we have a wedding to plan!