Lights Camera Rosebrook!

You already know that Rosebrook Gardens has been the backdrop of many local and national lifestyle shows – everything from NBC’s the Today Show to Better.TV, to Fox CT’s Northeast Living – but this coming week Rosebrook Gardens will become part of an independent film called Janie Charismanic. It is produced by Judith Studios, the producers of the award-winning film I Hate Tom Petty.

The lead character is a rocker with a personal mania for life who expresses it through music. Her travels show her nontraditional character and set the background for a traditional romance until Chad, a former boyfriend, arrives bringing parts of her past with him.

The scene filmed at my home will be a beautiful and elegant dinner straight out of a romance novel. I was told that after the producers looked at many different possible locations, they felt Rosebrook Gardens was the perfect fit; it had the elegance and beauty along with the right feel that the producers wanted to portray for this particular scene. From the style of the traditional colonial home to beautiful classic English gardens they couldn’t ask for a better location. So Rosebrook Gardens was booked and Mar Jennings became her agent.

I was thrilled and jealous that she got the job and I did not. Oh well, I’m proud to offer my home. (And maybe I’ll sneak Violet into the movie. She may not be the MGM lion, but she makes a great extra! Keep your eyes peeled when it comes out.)