Lights camera action!

Violet was ready for her close-up last Sunday as she made her first live TV debut on ABC’s WTNH, Channel 8, Good Morning CT. She was the perfect co-host, and I’ve never received so many e-mails and comments about a segment and I have only one thing to say: Thank you Violet. We broke record numbers and although it was an early morning “call” she was ready and it turned out to be the perfect way to break her into the business. Our viewers could not get over her size, color and breed and how she “spoke” while being held by Chris Velari the host.

That said, this week Violet not only hit 5lbs and doubled in size, but began to talk and bark to anyone who would listen. Mostly me. She now begins her morning with a bark, bark and playtime has become “get to know me better” time. Bark, bark, bark, come and see what I can do. Her confidence is that of an older dog and she loves anyone who will participate and throw something so she can fetch it. Unlike my Corky who felt that if you threw it you should be responsible to get it! My new baby is so different as she adores her toys and only recently discovered the tennis ball, quickly becoming her new thing to grab, hold and roll down the stairs. She is fascinated by how it doesn’t stay still after she runs, catches, and “kills” it. I must say, this cheap ball has helped her improved her motor skills as she learns how to hold it and stop it from rolling. Her puzzled looks are so cute and expressive as she plays and discovers just the right pressure to keep it still so she can give it a good paw slap. Too cute and adorable.

Training continues daily and Violet is proving to be an “A+” student… Smart beyond her years and willing to learn anything that can get her a reward. I love her to pieces and rather than continuing to fill her tummy with treats I eat her up alive with praise and always finish it off with a good tummy rub. You have to love a puppy’s pink tummy.

As any proper Schnauzer will tell you”bark, bark, bark, bark, bark. What, you don’t speak bark? Well Violet tapped into her inner heritage by discovering her vocal cords and testing them out earning the nickname “Barkheimer” short for Von Schhnorkenheimer. Although it’s not a full bark quite yet, it has all the makings and the will to be something rather intimidating. To my surprise, Violet has been a quiet dog up until now, however when my dear friend Lori came to visit, rang the bell: no problem there. But once she entered the front door all hell broke as Violet began to bark as if she was protecting me from an evil killer. It must have been the outfit: the black coat, the black shirt and top must not have gone over well with her. Who is she anyway, What Not To Wear’s Stacy London? The barking quickly ended as Violet finally made here way over and began to lick Lori’s face, and offer unsolicited kisses–forcing her tongue into her mouth! Something were working on, as she loves giving big, fat, wet, French kisses– perhaps, she was French rather than German? Lori asked for a tissue when what she might have really needed was a towel. We had a wonderful visit and Lori even stated how gorgeous Violet was and how she is growing-up beautifully. Having her own breathtaking dog named Eloise, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I was honored to get such a loving review about my baby and I just know these two girls one day will be BFF (best friends forever).

I also learned this week that Violet has an interest in undergarments. She demonstrates her fascination while I was entertaining with friends as she proudly made herself known by entering with my underwear hanging from her month. This was not the best time for her to want to play “catch me if you can.” Not knowing where she pulled the Calvin’s from something makes me think she had them stored away waiting for just the right moment to show them off. Thank god they were clean! Note to self: lock master bedroom door at all times.

Loving Violet is proving to be easy as she is constantly showing me her appreciating for our life together. We have fun, we learn new things about each other (like Violet’s need to flash my underwear in public, and my need to replace her ribbon collar every two days, keeping it fresh and new looking), and we really are bonding. Truth be told, we are growing together as one and understand each other – no always means no, and out means out. Playtime is fun and the perfect time to review what we learned the week before and introduce something fun and new, such as this weekend’s lesson: underwear etiquette 101.

We finished the week with one last fire of the season, enjoying our one-on-one time together. Violet loved the fire and enjoyed sitting on my lap, dozing off into a deep, restful sleep. I hated to move as she looked so peaceful and secure. She is an amazing dog, not just because she is mine but because she is so good with everyone she meets. Only a few weeks ago she was a timid puffball barely brave enough to explore beyond the kitchen. Today Miss Violet wanders proudly throughout the house with the confidence and ready for any environment–including her first Connecticut TV morning show! Coming soon, Violet makes her national TV appearance. Stay tuned…