This week was a whirlwind of exciting activity. I have been happily zooming all over the state of Connecticut. Why? We kicked into production and filming mode on the three different holiday specials I am hosting for FOXCT, called Connecticut Holiday Wishes, starring Mar Jennings.

As part of the specials, the producers and I wanted to show the great options out there for all of us holiday shoppers and party-planners. The research staff at FOXCT and I have uncovered some amazing finds – from Foxwoods Resort Casino to the Hard Rock Store, to Price Chopper, and PC Richard & Son. As you can tell, we’ve covered a wide range of bases – and we have zip-zip-zipped around in our cars and trucks to capture it all for the viewers. I can also tell you that that’s not the complete list of places – but what I can’t tell you is what we found. You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Of course, since the shows are about creating your perfect holiday with your family we have done a lot of the filming in my home. I’ve decorated early for the occasion – and yes, my neighbors ARE used to seeing a Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving and even Hallowe’en! – and have had so much fun creating some new and unique projects and entertaining ideas. For you, I hope the special guests will make your holiday sparkle, too.

It won’t really surprise you to learn that you can be on the lookout for Violet making a few cameos! She successfully seduced the producer and crew and somehow maneuvered herself into the middle of the action. Although her barks of excitement when they arrive make a doorbell obsolete, she loves seeing them. I really must say that the team I’m working with is so talented and professional – they are a huge part of why I love this. It’s so easy to watch a program and focus on the people you see in front of the camera, so in the spirit of the coming Thanksgiving, I want to give a sincere thanks and kudos to the awesome team from FOX CT who have been such a pleasure to work alongside. The lights, camera, and action I’ve had such fun with would be impossible without them.

Air dates:
December 3
December 10
December 17
8:30 AM