Lighting Up Black Friday

While millions are flocking to the malls and shops across the country searching for the best deals and gifts for the holidays, I’m nesting, putting my Fall/Winter wardrobe on hold and preparing for my trip to The British Virgin Islands. Yup, that’s right: they invited me to come visit, and I wanted to go badly. So here I come! Northeast Living goes on the road – or should I say on the plane – to bring you a destination experience as only it can be seen through Mar Jennings’ eyes. As the Virgin Islanders say, “60-plus islands; one experience of a lifetime.”

The only black I will experience this Friday is the black night sky – but even then not totally black! My place is flooded by bright spotlights, highlighting every detail on Rosebrook Gardens. It’s as if the house is a movie star lit up by it’s own personal Klieg lights. My neighbors love the festive look, as even my garden studio garage door is wrapped up in high style.

So Black Friday will come and I’ll just go – away, that is, to a warm place filled with its own delight. I’ll be working, of course, but I’ll know no matter how far away I am Violet won’t be left in the dark.