Lifestyle Pusher

Have you ever met someone in your life who forever changes who you are? A person who helps you re-evaluate your priorities and leads you to discover your real purpose?

For me, that person was Edward R. Smith, my comrade, mentor, devoted friend, and confidant, whose dedication, patience and guidance helped push me to discover what my true purpose would be, thus forcing me to ask myself the question, “What will my legacy be?”

I was well settled before I met Edward. As a Senior Vice Present for a major bank, I was responsible for the entire state of Connecticut with 220 direct reports, and 42 Financial Centers. Talk about security, great income and not to mention an expense account! I was told I was the most resourceful and creative banker in the business.

Truth be told, Edward saw beyond the corporate suits, five-week vacations, and stock options that others had used to define me. He envisioned something that would not only please my pocket, it would please me. Banking was something I was good at, but not my final frontier. Edward pushed me to pursue my inner talents and passion and my true journey to success was still awaiting me.

Edward’s wisdom and encouragement helped me navigate the highest roads of life that he said were always within my reach. He taught me to have the confidence and courage to tap into the inner gifts bestowed upon me. Said Edward, “Do what you love, and love what you do and allow yourself to explore the journey to your true destiny.” Talk about a wise man.

This Sunday would have been Edward’s 58th Birthday. Truthfully, his meaningful life, although cut short, touched all who had the good fortune and pleasure to know him. Although he is no longer here on planet Earth, he will forever continue to be present in the Life On Mar’s universe.

Happy Birthday Weekend, Edward. It’s been eleven years since we said goodbye, but not a day goes by that your spirit is not noticed and embraced in all I do.

As a lifestyle expert, author, and Realtor, I’m now using my natural gifts on a daily basis (using what was inside me all along) and doing what you always wanted me to do: Create! Thank you for the memories, the wisdom you shared and the powerful legacy you left behind not just for me but also for all of us who had the pleasure to have you in our lives.