Let’s Get Our Green On!

They say it’s winter, but here in my part of Connecticut, it might as well be early spring. With temperatures hovering around 50 degrees these last two weeks, it’s hard to imagine Old Man Winter blowing snow around and freezing icicles anytime soon.

Just like anything in life, things can change in a moment without notice, so to continue the effect of warmer delights I make sure that my home Rosebrook Gardens offers touches of lush, green textures and color tones as a pick-me-up for the winter blues, regardless what the temperature is outside.
Winter is an important month for fresh flowers, forced bulbs, and plants. My Grandmother would have an endless amount of houseplants in her day, and whenever a fern, orchid or succulent arrives in my home, I ponder the nostalgic memories of her tending to her lush indoor plants. She’d talk to them every morning as if they were her children.
I, too, find myself filled with delight when fresh blooms emerge from the soil thanks to my efforts and TLC. Like my Grandmother, I talk to my plants, just not quite as much. But I think they still feel the love: I tell them “thank you” and “welcome to LIFE ON MAR’S.”
Plants offer so much, not just in the garden, but in the home as well. No matter where you live, winter arrives, so why not counterbalance it with something alive, fresh and pretty to look at.
Looking for ways to bring green into your life this season? Click on the links below for sMARt how-to tips.
What’s your favorite indoor plant?