Hooray for Hollywood!  This week I was off to Los Angeles–known also as La-la-land–for what was going to be an experience of a lifetime. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve visited L.A. so I was excited not only to see the big city again but also to make sure that I had time to mix business with pleasure. L.A. is a city that is filled with glitz and glamour, where Hollywood royalty is born and legends are created and I was more than ready to be a part of that blockbuster movie.

Living in Connecticut and being an east coast traditional type of guy, I packed my L.A. best and I was off and rolling. Los Angeles would not disappoint as the weather was perfect, the people were over-the-top wonderful, and I soon found myself making new friends that I’m sure will last a lifetime. I did notice, however, that my base coat tan from Antigua was no match for the deep dark sun-kissed tans of the locals!

So, can you keep a secret? Too bad, because I still can’t say what I did, who I was with, or even why I was there – but the moment I can you’ll be the first to know. What I can say is I love L.A., I love the Bel-Air Hotel, I love the energy of the city and the people who make California the mega-empire of creativity. My last day I ordered a cocktail while waiting for my flight, and I was carded. “Really?!” I said. He gave me back my I.D. with a smile and a simple “You look good, man, really good.” God, I love L.A!

They say that dreams do come true – twelve years ago I had a dream, today my dreams are unfolding – and California dreaming is even better when you actually fall asleep there, especially when you are doing what you were born to do. Today I thank my lucky stars as I was among the city that is filled with them. Now that’s a L.A.-L.A.-by I can fall asleep to for the rest of my life.